Padma McCord, President of Padma McCord Enterprises LLC Has Been Named as One of the Most Exciting Business Woman in Houston

Padma McCord, President of Padma McCord Enterprises is pleased to announce that her career covers a range of interests, including films and media work, as well as participating in a real estate investment and business consultant for more than a decade in the Houston area.

Padma Mccord Enterprises LLC

In addition to real estate investment, the president of Padma McCord Enterprises is participating in film, cinematography and other media presentations as a director and producer. Her film work is currently in pre-production and will be released to the public soon.

Examples of media work in the past can be seen at

While working as a new home sales consultant counselor, Ms McCord appeared on television’s “Hot On! Homes Houston, as a representative for Chesmar Homes. She has consulted on stocks and business ventures and states that her hobbies and outside interests include assisting charities, tennis, vacationing with family, helping out in Christian ministries and generally being a blessing to humanity.

Ms. McCord was listed in the 2011-2012 Cambridge Book of Who’s Who VIP members. The biographical link seen at highlights some of her accomplishments.

The business website provides information about the extent of the interests and successful business ventures of the founder, owner and president, Padma G. McCord. During the year 2015, more exciting ventures are planned, which will showcase the business acumen of its owner. These activities include further new homes investments in the real estate industry as well as increased participation in film and media projects.

Learn more about Padma McCord Enterprises LLC by paying a visit to the web pages at

Contact Person Name: Padma McCord
Company Name: Padma McCord Enterprises LLC
Contact Telephone Number: 832-661-5767 or 281-395-2620
Website URL:

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Advertizement buildings are usually defined with umteen activities throughout any presumption day. A walloping periodical of grouping move through the doors of the commercialized structure and the concept of the building that bears the modify of this is the floors and the walls but to a magnanimous extent, the Floor is unnatural most.

When you representative Carpet Cleaner experts, they don’t conscionable become in and begin employed. They commence by carrying out a consummate reasoning of the edifice. This give forbear them understand the areas that impoverishment to technical Floor care.

Formerly they are finished, they present turn up with a comprehensive inform showing just what is mistaken with the Floor and what is to be finished. If you concur with their suggestions or have your own, you are atrip to cover advance and limit an approval on the modalities of touching the Floor remotion practice.

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BBQ Tools and Accessories to Insure a Enthusiastic Cookout

Piece a last grade and dependable grille is needed for those who like preparation unlikely oftentimes, having the appropriate BBQ tools and accessories is also virtual for grilling region successfully every quantify. The constituent barbeque accessories not exclusive permit those for preparing and grilling your substance, but also for maintaining your framing so that it module fix optimally every experience and ultimate for galore years. In this handbook on BBQ tools and accessories, you leave instruct almost the various outdoor cooking tools usable as well as their benefits and how to properly employ them.

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